Wednesday, 2 November 2011

keep your head up.....

Keep Your Head Up - Ben Howard from mickey smith on Vimeo.

Hopefully most of you that read this from the UK will be aware of both Ben Howard and Mickey Smith ( who directed this video ) already. If not then i'm going to encourage you, along with our american cousins, to check out his album. It's really very, very good!


Chairman of the Board said...

I'm loving the music... but those bails of hay remind me of my recent surf over here in the UK... bails rather than barrels of crumbling haystacks of surf.

I prefer your photos!!!

Dave said...

great work by two local talents.
loving the blog please keep up the good work.

CP said...

Cheers Dave!

Love your photos! Funny you commented I wrote a post last week linking to you with one of your photos of Mikey lay that's scheduled to appear in a few weeks!



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