Friday, 18 November 2011


So after a brief lull in swell and wind hereabouts, it's back to some solid groundswell and breezy conditions again. Almost all my surfs recently have seem to have been battling some kind of strong wind, whether onshore or offshore and as usual i've not had the time to seek shelter on the bigger days. Summer's mellow sessions feel long gone and winter feels just around the corner.

 It made a nice change then earlier in the week to slide into some unexpectedly fun thigh high glass at low tide croyde of all places. Even at that size there's some speed in the wave and getting up on the nose and back requires some deft footwork, especially as it tends to be quite A-framed at lower tides. I took the pointy squire log in and i have to say, in the type of wave it is built for (i.e hollower and fast), it really lit up, light enough to feel responsive not tracky from the back as it zipped along in trim and really solid despite it's narrow nose on the tip.

Having headed beachwards with little expectation of a dip, an hour, alone in the line-up in the fading sun brought big smiles.

 In other news, i tried on one of the samples of the new Nineplus Hasu chest zip suits this week.
All black with a subtle gold logo, it features the lightest, stretchiest single lined yamamoto i've seen. Really looking forward to mine arriving in a couple of weeks now!


Anonymous said...

what you fellas wear over there for winter, 4/3 hoody models, or the 5/4/3 numbers? I was always a 3/2 with thick poly fleece shirt under guy, when it got to gloves temp I just skateboarded for a month or so till it was warmer.

Anonymous said...

forgot to ask, have you seen any of the axxe suits? or matuse? Ive found if I wear a chest zip I dont get the back strain I used to get with the resistance from back zippers just not stretching.

C said...

5/4 boots and gloves and hood from dec to march 4/3 tol may with boots then 3/2 until October. Chest zips are best!

The NINEPLUS is 4/3 as warm as a 6/54!allegedly but we will see!

We have Patagonia but they cost equivalent of over $700!

No axxe or matuse here!

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