Monday, 21 July 2008

Big Wednesday - maybe

So far the summer has been pretty poor, hardly any small classic logging days since May. There is hope for wednesday, the forecast is a bit of decent swell, sun and light winds. Almost everyone i kow has said "wednesday is the day" No doubt there are weekend warriors up and down the country planning a sickie as we speak. 
So my prediction is: Couple of feet smaller than they think & head numbingly busy thereby ruining any decent waves i happen to be in the right spot for. I bet my 1 foot windswell SUP session today was more fun. Stay tuned to find out!


So another of my obsessions is guitar. This guy is a genius:

3,2,1 go

Okay, probably no one is reading this anyway. Not sure why i created this, maybe to hold my musings on my surfing life, hopefully some photos from recent sessions, maybe some gossip from our local scene, i guess you'll just have to wait and see.
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