Tuesday, 22 November 2011

black rock

Relaxing in North Cornwall on a warm summers day, remember those? Incidentally here's a random question, are we the only country around that has windbreaks? The americans don't. In all probability people in countries with proper warmth dont bother to go to the beach on a day that's windy enough to need one!


MarkusStonez said...

not seen many windbreaks in Japan
none maybe

the folks over here don't chill around on the beach like we do in England

totally different beach vibe
can't beat chillin' on the beach i reckon

those English summer days
especially around the Solstice
so long the days

bringing back memories of a big Woolacombe swell probably about 10 years ago now

big current
big waves
few people
and dolphins came and
blew us out of the water

we were flying the whole night after that

dolphin healing

HD said...

Chris, I really don't recall warm days on the beach...not for a long time. It feels like our summer and winter varies by about 5 degrees at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
It looks like english and portuguese people share the same passion for vintage windbreaks!

I can confirm it...as I grew up chillin' on the beaches of northern Portugal, where summer winds definitely make you bring a solid windbreak to the beach, unless you like chewing a little sand!


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