Friday, 17 May 2013


There's sunshine for now outside the window but the eyeball surf reports are not promising. Hopefully the push will whip up a loggable ripple. I'm amping to get wet after a day spent drydocked in classroom and traffic jam yesterday.

In other news, i finally convinced Jools from Gulfstream to borrow and ride my TW bar of soap. It will be interesting to see how he feels about it coming from a 3 fin shortboard background. His current every day board is a 5'5 epoxy shortboard so even at 5'2 the soap is going to feel like a lot of foam!


Evan said...

hit here, I like all of your photos with the cool borders. What app are you using? It kind of looks like instagram.

Wow I never knew there was such a big surfing culture in the UK. I live in Santa Barbara, California. The coastal terrain in Devon looks similar to the terrain here. How are the waves there?


CP said...


I love Santa Barbara. It's wetter and colder here with fewer point breaks! It can get good tho!

Most of the pictures are taken on actual film in a holga or Diana camera (google them!) fun but unpredictable!

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