Wednesday 29 May 2013


 So as i mentioned, i had a week up in the lake district back at Easter time. It is a beautiful place. 

It's not something that i can explain easily but it's a place that i find inspiring and a place that feels like home, even though its at the other end of the country from where i actually live. Perhaps it's because it feels like you are actually in the mountains, kind of how the alps feel in summer in some small way and the mountains are a place i've long held a candle for. I think i like the outdoorsy feel too, that there are people being outdoors and active in a way that chimes with the way that things feel (in a more coastal way) here. I think it's the only other place in this country i could consider living, it's just the lack of a surfable coast thats the deal breaker!

Incidentally, the MTB trails at whinlatter forest are really excellent!

Meanwhile, is it just me or is it FREEZING for nearly the first of June? I'm really in need of something to kick start my summer surf stoke!

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HD said...

I think the weather has now shifted for the worse, and rain or shine I seem to have resorted to merino base layers all the time. My fingers got numb in the north westerly last week as it barely got above 9 degrees !

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