Saturday, 20 June 2009

vee dub

Nothing says sunny weekend to me more than seeing an AA man fixing a VW camper at the side of the motorway. Like much in this life, the coolest things are not always the most practical. No doubt there will be plenty around this weekend as it is the Goldcoast Oceanfest at croyde. Bound to be busy but some good bands playing on the saturday night. Speaking of which i spent a very pleasant afternoon chatting with Ian drummer from Mojave3 (and drumming for Neil Halstead tonight) & Mr Onefin, manager at the newly reopened Revolver in Newquay. Risen like a phoenix from the ashes it is once again possibly the coolest surf shop in the southwest, full of beautiful Californian Surfboards and English eccentricity. Full marks to Jonny Isaac, Mark & Adam for the resurrection. Please stop by and say Hi.
Ian's new band The Loose Salute are going to be at Glastonbury among other places and worth at least 5 minutes of your time


Anonymous said...

sorry,but a broke down vw makes me think at least one less wannabe twat in the water. whatever happened to individuality! they used to be popular as they were cheap,reliable,and longer the where to stop in a van over 6'6" , stupidly expensive,certainly not reliable........Cool?

CP said...

Impractical, smaller than you'd think, unreliable and frequently owned by wannabe people with more money than surf ability perhaps but still part of our surfing heritage and undeniably bound up with californian surfing subculture thus cool (for me anyway).

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