Monday, 15 June 2009


Mike, editor of new startup Morsurf magazine was kind enough to send me their premiere print issue. Rising from the ashes of the now defunct Longboard Magazine, the magazine aims to cater for all the people who don't actually care what colour trunks AI was wearing at the last pro event and are happy to expand their surfing experience with alternative shapes and fin configurations. Right up my street then!
So far so good, it's definately not the new surfers journal but it has some good shots, some thoughtful writing and promises much.
Among others, there's an interesting article on quivers and a great one on fin theory with some information i had never come across before. Hopefully they will get some support from the industry. Advertising dollars are hard to come by in the current climate and the big surf companies are notoriously blinkered in their willingness to ignore all but the youth thruster riding demographic. Hopefully morsurf will continue to go from strength to strength, watch this space........

Waves wise we were blessed with some fun swell and sun this weekend. I had some fun logging away from the crowds on friday and met the aforementioned Easytom. A very nice chap and well on his way to full blown surf obsession. Once the swell filled in it was time to break out the shorter boards and play dodge the holidaymaker. Good fun, i had two of the best turns i've ever done on the same wave on Saturday and a couple of screamers this morning before my arms turned to jelly. Too much fun to take pictures unfortunately. Hopefully the winds will stay light for the rest of the week.

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