Tuesday, 1 May 2018


Had a pretty busy winter, some decent waves, some fun bike riding and a couple of really good trips out to the alps.

Turned out to be an epic winter for snow with many saying it was the best for over twenty years. Personally I lucked into a few days of freshies. It's also the first time i've had a proper powder board with me, One of the Lib x Lost Jamie Lynn colab boards. It's loosely based on the concept of a fish surfboard being short (146) and wide giving the same surface area as a much longer board with a fully 2-3 inch stance set back. It's also the first time i've ridden a camber board for a few years.

The board was amazing. Actually pretty fun on piste holding a good carving edge despite its width. In soft snow I couldn't wipe the grin off. It's genuinely the closest ive come to surfing on frozen water. Effortless float with no need to lean back so no back leg burn and just so much flow with huge rooster tails on each turn. Even my wife commented on how much fun it looked and she is usually the first to burst my bubble of self-congratulation!

Most definitely recommended!

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