Thursday, 27 October 2016

full quiver

In the interests of completeness, here's the full quiver as it stands. In the words of Rob Machado..." A good quiver should keep you regularly confused"

From the top pic:

Left side top to bottom

5'2 Gulfstream seapea
5'2 Tyler Warren Bar of soap
5'4 Mandala Superchunk
5'6 McCallum Mford
5'6 GS Keel fish
5'8 Mabile classic keel
6'10 Takayama Howard Special mini

Logs L-R

9'4 GS slimpig
9'4 If6was9 Mod log
9'4 Bing NR2
9'6 Classic Malibu Jai Lee noserider

In front : 9'4 Squire Dirk of doom

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