Saturday 30 January 2016


It's been a bit of a weird season in the alps so far by all accounts. Good early snowfall followed by unseasonably warm weather and frankly shocking webcam pictures of grass in resorts and places like Les Get reopening their mountain bike routes to get some visitor numbers back. Sems like it's come good again now with some good early January dumps of fresh snow. Hopefully chamonix will look like this in March again this year when we go back

We're not taking chances for our first jaunt of the season by heading to Hemsedal in Norway again next week. It's bigger and steeper than Geilo where we have been before with more chance of off piste tree runs. Should be fun exploring somewhere new and trying to keep up with our kids who get faster each year as we get slower!

Stay tuned to Instagram from the 31st for sub arctic snowy vistas by the bucketload!

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