Thursday, 14 August 2014


Dunno if any of you made it to the Somersault festival a couple of weeks ago. It was really good and much less "devon" than we might have expected. Big enough to be "proper" but still small enough to enjoy and not fel like you were endlessly walking from place to place through massive crowds. Well organised and really good clear sound from the stages.

Ben Howard and Jack Johnson were both superb. It's funny, ive hardly listened to Jack Johnson over the last few years. I loved his first couple of albums but then i think he was just everywhere and i got bored.

A a result i wasnt super excited about seeing him, less excited than other people but do youn know, he fully rocked. i kinda remembered why i enjoyed him inthe first place. Tight sounding band and mellow tunes as the sun set behind the stage. He genuinely seemed to be enjoying himself too.

Somersult is definately on for next year already.Reccomended.

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