Tuesday 11 February 2014


It's the winter olympics, Yay! I must admit to generally geting more excited about the winter than the summer games and this time with snowboard slopestyle in the schedule as well as halfpipe and the carnage of boardercross it should be a fun watch. The slopestyle was pretty cool already despite some suspect judging in the early rounds that got the internet in uproar.

Questions on at least someones lips include....will shaun white take a third gold, has anyone got a triple cork in their pipe run, will terrorists blow anything up and how much can Ed Leigh subvert the normally staid BBC sport commentary with his brand of excited rambling?
 Compare and contrast Clare Balding with the man who once won the world air guitar championship under his stage name Whoppercock! This year he's ably abetted by the UK snowboard legend that is Tim Warwood. It's great that the bbc (in contrast to some US networks) have properly knowledgeable as well as entertaining announcers.
If FIS run snowboard gymnastics isn't your bag let me redress the balance with a clip of Gigi Ruff ripping a 50 degree powder field in Last years Red Bull ultra natural contest:


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