Tuesday, 25 December 2012

merry chris moose

seasons greetings one and all!
I was woken at 4.30 am on sunday morning by the environment agency telling me that my business was in severe danger of flooding from the river caen bursting it's bank next to our building. The next 12 hours were like something from disaster film as the water rose so fast that i was worried about being cut off inside our building as i hastily moved as much as possible and sandbagged the doors. When i left and waded out i was sure we were a goner!
Thankfully the water stopped at the level of our door sill and nothing made it inside. We were the only property betwen the river and the main road that escaped with friends and neighbours having mid thigh deep water inside their houses and the elderly being rescued by boat. Just like you see on tv, only happening in real life right in front of you!
The village itself was cut off for a few hours and many, many people have had their homes ruined, many of the businesses in the village were deluged too. Gulfstream had 2 feet of water in the shop and four feet in the street outside. Tiki flooded too. Surfing doesn't seem quite so important now! At least everyone here was safe!
I was too busy panicking/ helping to take many pictures but there are plenty on the net if you search for braunton flood.


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