Thursday, 11 October 2012

hello buoys........

If only i could have got closer but there was a river in the way!
Well, we've had waves!!! Really quite good ones too. Yeah there may be greyness, drizzle and wind but at least it was wind in the right direction! SO nice to get into some small clean zippers even if it does feel like the water temperature has begun to drop a little! Finally feels like the surf stoke is creeping back.

Thumbs up for logs and long lunchbreaks!


Had some memorable waves on the Randall the last few days. The narrow nose and hips back locking in nicely on the pockets steepened by the strong offshores. Had a few fun ones on the borrowed Bing mini sim too, once again reinforcing how good these shapes are in our average waves!
Now the wind is coming back westerley you might want to check out Kook 3 while you look out at the rain with your steaming cup of joe.

 If you missed the first two, it's a surf newspaper very much from the fringes steered by the very english hands of Dan Crockett and Alex Rowse. It's eclectic, intriguing and thoughtfully put together. Well worth supporting! Click here

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