Wednesday, 12 September 2012

an authentic story.....

[TRAILER] The Avthentic Story from Avthentic Films on Vimeo.

I've just been watching this new little dvd from talented frenchman Rudy Jacques and it's really pretty cool. Least it made me want to go surfing and thats a pretty good test of any movie i always think!

It's 40 mins of artfully shot french logging with a handful of oher stuff thrown in. Rudy would be the first to admit that Thomas Campbell is a huge influence and it shows clearly here, there is a definate feeling of the seedling being a strong point of reference.  Dismissing it as purely derivative would however be unfair and would be missing the originality and gallic flair that Rudy's filmakers eye exhibits.

Most of the surfing is by guys you wont have heard of (although Clovis donzinetti is in the latest vans duct tape comp) and most of the waves are under head high. It will probably redefine you're preconception of French beach breaks - it's not all thumping barrels, summer offers trunkable logging waves as well as the obvious attractions of ace seafood and fine cheap wine. I think my two favorite sequences are the body surf/ paipo session and the guy cruising on a frye fishsimmons at the end.

What really pervades the footage is a sense of fun and an absence of pretence. This "authenticity" is a thread that runs through all of Rudy's work and it's something i know he regards as central to it.

Bottom line, i really enjoyed watching it. Head on over to to get a copy and see for yourself!


pommie logger said...

hey, thanks for letting me know about this, I got my copy delivered yesterday! ~ hoping its warm enough this weekend to put in on the projector on the side of the house and light the barbie!
thanks for putting me on to this, Rudi was pretty stoked to be sending one down under too, think it might be the first copy down here!

CP said...

Hope you like it!

Rudi seems super nice. I've got an interview piece with him coming up on soon

Keep you posted!

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