Thursday, 30 August 2012

going overboard.......


A couple of years ago I paddled out at a small, inconsistent but quiet Rincon to share the lineup with a couple of dolphins and a man talking on his cell phone. It somehow struck a jarring note in such a beautiful natural environment.
 I've always quite liked the fact that paddling away from the beach takes you away from the stresses of modern life and a waterproof phone case has not been something I've sought out for just that reason. That said I do like snapping the odd photo and the idea of being able to post watershots to instagram does appeal so I was stoked to get sent the new overboard iPhone case in exchange for posting a review.

It retails for between £15 and £20 and is essentially a phone sized heavy duty vinyl bag with a simple plastic clamp closure. It comes with a lanyard and a bag of silica gel to deal with any condensation issues and looks well made and well presented.  Overboard market it as a way of protecting your phone from accidental spills overboard or into the pool although it is rated for a depth of 9 Metres. It's small enough to tuck into your wetsuit and not get in the way. It's easy to use, lightweight, watertight and allows you to use the touchscreen of your phone through the plastic, so its perfectly possible to post tweets from the line up in real time if you feel the need. 

Once I'd stopped worrying about my phone drowning ( overboard wisely suggest you test each case empty first!) I managed to snap a couple of cool little pictures as you can see.


Overall it's a good product without a negative i can think of, other than not being able to leave your phone behind when you paddle out!  I can see a huge potential for people whose jobs require them to be "on call" but not at work if the surf is pumping!

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