Saturday, 22 October 2011

hobie split

There are a lot of beautifully maintained hot rods and busses around california, a lot of occasions when i wasn't quick enough with a camera as they drove past. This beautiful splitty resides outside the main hobie store in Dana Point most of the time though so it's an easy target.

This weeks essential reading is "uncle Skello's what's hot and what's not" published every thursday on the Gulfstream blog. Everything you need to know to chart your way through the sartorial and cultural minefield that is staying cool,

Remember, support your local otter..... shaper, sorry!


Anonymous said...

Hey cool site you should see the rat rods that live on the right coast and check out the ignored logger king Greg Eaveys "factory" if you ever travel to the south. Always interesting to see surf culture in ol Blighty.

HD said...

Uncle skello's was a very funny read...thanks for the link.

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