Friday, 9 September 2011

monsieur le chef

So back from France and home to conditions that resemble the hundred year storm at the end of "point break" with gale force onshores and too much swell. Thankfully we just avoided a ferry back in these conditions, I'm certain it wouldn't have been a pleasant crossing!

The friendly chef in the photo stands outside a bistro in st Gilles croix de vie, in the vendee about an hour north of la Rochelle. The beach breaks all looked super fun but we only saw them breaking at six inches on probably the only totally flat week of the summer. Gutted! Perfect for the little 'un to trim along her first green wave. Definately little acorns....It was baking hot and sunny with plenty of vin rouge and moules frites to help pass the time, all of  which makes our sudden headlong rush into autumn seem all the more saddening.

In other news, James Parry's hip wigglers went off last Saturday at gwithian, there are reports of real high quality logging and some great pictures leaking out. Little bit gutted I missed it but thank you James for the invite! James just left blighty heading to Ca for the Malibu duct tape next weekend, neatly coiffured as usual and with a shiny new slide 65 under arm.

Issue 13 of Corduroy Lines is nearly ready to buy as well, its a proper homegrown longboard magazine and each issue gets better. Sure this one is no exception! you can pre-order from corduroy

Right i'm off to batten down some hatches, or something like that!


Josh Aggars said...

I know that place in La Rochelle! Spent many a rainy and sunny day killing time before the off. Can't wait to get back to France next year for a huge tour with my crew.

I feel your Autumn pain. Nothing but drawing in nights, plummeting temperatures and cold water surfing to look forward to. Still at least the lineup will be less packed and we can get back to shots of whisky to warm the cockles in the car!

Fair yee well good sailor!

CP said...

somehow things dont seem so bleak after reading that! Think i'll fill up my hip flask soon as i get home!

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