Tuesday 23 November 2010

cruising in devon lanes

Electra deluxe 3i, sunshine, devon lanes, a few curious sheep, what more could you need? The nice people at electra just featured one of my photos as their pic of the week on their blog. Very nice to be asked. See the post here.

If you're wondering, she did give the teddies back in the end!


e. said...

Very cool photo. Odd as it may sound, it seems to define my perception of England.

MarkusStonez said...

nice, nice.

Living many months of many years between Woolacombe and Croyde. it's a pleasure to cruise back there with the inspiration provided by your blog.
Now I live an ocean lifestyle Pacific Island style. Check out my blog (though it's in it's early stages)


If you could tell me the gadget that allows your 'FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION' section in your sidebar, I'd be most grateful!


CP said...

hey ogaza

glad my ramblings make you remember good times. The gadget you are after is the blog list one from blogger themselves, it's on the first page of the gadget list in blogger design layout section. hope that helps

nice blog yourself, i've added you to my list!

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