Thursday, 25 November 2010


If you do one good deed this year let it be a vote for these guys !..

Surfaction is a charity working with injured and traumatised servicemen, helping them deal with the trauma they have faced through the healing power of the ocean. They are competing for lottery funding in ITV's people's millions tonight and your vote will help them continue to help others! Please check out their site and support them, tell your friends etc

Rich & Russ are already making a difference, see the videos to see how stoked these soldiers are when they catch their first wave ! Remember your first wave ?

Surely you can spare ten pence a vote to help them spread some stoke!

call 0871626813 to support them

1 comment:

tomc said...

Dude, I think you've got the wrong number up there. It's 0871 626 8133. You're missing the last 3. Cheers. TomC

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