Thursday, 4 November 2010


A few of you might know that Robbie Kegel of Gato Heroi made a flying visit to our shores a couple of weeks ago. Hosted by the Squire himself, it was a week of merriment, mayhem and manufacture in equal measure by all accounts. Luckily John locked Robbie in the factory long enough to shape these boards and burn through 60kg of resin! They are all spoken for already as far as i know and to quote John are the bladiest things you ever saw! Personally i've found RK's approach to longboard design really interesting when spied from afar and i jumped at the chance to get hold of a board from this trip.

Mines third from the left, just waiting on fins to make it across the pond then she's good to go. Full ride report to follow soon-ish!


Anonymous said...

I love your blog and i usually love your boards...but this guy Rob, was a bit of a pig to a lot of people. Think I would rather surf a pig than ride surf board shaped by a pig

CP said...

You may well be right, i dont know him and i don't know much about his behaviour. I know he does have a reputation as a bit of a live wire and i know he lived up to that on his visit.

Either way, plenty of famous shapers have not lived a saintly life and for me it's about the shapes. I personally think he and a couple of other younger shapers are shaking up traditional longboard design and pushing it forward into uncharted waters. His shapes work by all accounts and are different from anything anyone is making in this country. That's what interests me.

I considered getting my shaper friend to guess his way to the same kind of design but with only photos and hearsay to go on and no personal experience for either of us it could have been an expensive gamble.

i'm not making excuses, if he did indeed behave in a porcine way to his hosts, there's no excuse for that.

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