Sunday, 20 June 2010


It's father's day today and i'm proud to be a dad. It's an honor and a privilege & I hope i've been a good one this year. Happy Father's day to my dad. Thanks for being a cool parent, always interested in the stuff i was into and always supportive. I know you're proud of me and that means a lot.

oh and happy birthday to me too!


Rich McGonigal said...

happy birthday sir
looks like that swell you ordered is rolling in too!
stay casual :)

Steve PP said...

Happy Birthday Chris! Have a few quality sunny day moments!

Noel Jenkins said...

Happy birthday Chris. Tossing up between going to explore a seedy derelict hotel in Sidmouth or coming up for the evening to the beach. Beach has won!

Thos said...

Yep - another Happy Birthday from here. Sounds like you had a good one.

Boy did I miss your GS log this morning! Was in just before 6am at Combesgate - lovely clean little waves until the wind swung & got a bit choppy.

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