Friday, 4 June 2010

I am not in NYC....

Not my picture but part of a roll i scanned for my friend Emma after her recent trip to New York. She had some toy camera inexperience related issues but one or two of the shots came out great. This one just says America to me. With hindsight i think the white bands on this one might be a scanning issue so i'll have to check that.

I'm currently half way through my california trip and loving it. So far i've pretty much only surfed logtastic right hand points, collected a beautifully made and enjoyable new board (thank you Dano), topped up on tip time, driven a lot of miles, ticked off quite a few famous spots and shops, met some really great people both in and out of the water, stoked my daughter out at Disneyland, oh and ended up in hospital after getting stung by a stingray which in hindsight makes a great story but isn't an experience i'm keen to repeat!

It's already been as fun as i hoped and i know i'll be back again whatever the rest of the trip brings!

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