Monday, 28 June 2010

old faithful

Even though i have a few different longboards to choose from, some from the hands (or is that computer mouse) of some of the worlds foremost longboard shapers, over the last couple of days i was in the mood for something old and familiar. Like putting on an old comfortable pair of slippers, stepping onto my 9'4 Gulfstream log is just like coming home. This shape is pretty much what is now their saunton foil model but was a board i custom ordered 5 years ago, drawing on a few boards i'd had and liked before.

Its a magic board that requires almost no mental effort for me to get the best from and for small saunton this goes as well as anything else i own. I think anyone who's ever ridden it has loved it (eh thos?)

1 comment:

Thos said...

Yep - if I had the readies I'd be leaving Gulf Stream with a clone of it pronto. It allowed me some nose time and locked into trim nice and smooooooth and I'm not even a very experienced surfer let alone logger. That's one nice, friendly, board!

(Glad to hear you enjoyed some clean waves this morning - I was out in pitching high-seas at Woolacombe this evening. Knew I should've set the alarm.)

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