Tuesday 23 June 2009

jamie's trip

My friend Jamie recently got back from a trip to the Mentawi's and has been making us all jealous with tales of warm water, barrels and beer with friends. He is a really talented logger and teamrider for Bing (not the Microsoft one!) and has one of the best fade takeoffs i've ever seen in real life and is someone who pushes me to aspire to better longboarding.
He is also an amazingly talented photographer with a solid history of shots published in the mags including the hallowed pages of surfers journal and a stint as photo editor of the sadly "resting" drift magazine. Currently he's paying the bills shooting weddings and is starting to turn heads in that sphere too. His favorite pics from his recent trip are here and give a real sense of what it's like to experience a magazine style trip without the names or the hoopla you get in a surf magazine article.
Bound to either brighten your day or get you depressed at the general flatness right now!

1 comment:

Thos said...

Yow! Some nice pictures - can't wait to be hanging my toes over the nose in such leisurely fashion...

...although if the swell stays like it is now (ie. awol) that ain't gonna happen anytime soon!

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