Thursday, 18 June 2009

head over keels

Over the last four years i've been nursing a serious obsession with fish, particularly those of the keel variety, there's just something about the feel and rhythm they produce as they move down the line, drawing lateral rather than vertical lines. This beauty was my now departed 5'10 gulfstream, copied from a fish shaped by jimmy blears just after he won the 72 world contest, complete with glue on rubber leash disk. My current fave is a magic 5'8 Larry Mabile classic keel replete with double foiled ply keels and a glass job to die for, definately a keeper and a board that i can honestly say i have never had a bad surf on.
Weirdly fishing does nothing for me, probably something to do with my inability to sit still!


HD said...

have jus found your link from Easy Tom's site and really enjoyed looking through this. Had no idea, there were so many other people on the same wavelength, keep on blogging, its inspiring reading and I will definitely be out to find the Baja book.

CP said...

Cheers Howard for the encouragement, have added you as a link, would be cool if you would add me!

seamouse said...

I'm hooked on fishing too!! A keel fish and a log is pretty much my perfect two board quiver.

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