Saturday, 20 September 2014

hills? bring 'em on!

My sis and her partner are coming down this weekend for a visit. "Medium G" as he will hence forth be known (he's not big enough for big G!) lives on the edge of the peak district and is probably as obssessive about mountain biking as i am about surfing. I've spent many hours trailing his wheel at slightly scary speeds around the lakes but this will be the first time i get the chance to show him my neck of the woods. Hopefully the weather will be kind enough for exmoor and some trails with a sea view. I'm looking forward to it. Exmoor might not get quite the same hype as the nearby Quantocks within the biking community but it has some fantastic riding of everything from foresty single track to exposed moorland to edge of a cliff style rocky paths.

 It goes without saying that there are some fairly big hills involved but having recently done a few rides in the vendee which is pretty much pan flat, i can happily say (in a peverse way) that i actually like cycling up hill. I enjoy the challenge and the reward of it. you would think that bashing out the miles on well surfaced flat roads is easy and therefore more enjoyable but weirdly it's actually a bit dull, even when the sun is shining! Of course climbing up something big always means you have to lose all that height somehow, and thats really where the smiles are!

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