Friday, 4 April 2014


Golden rays from a dying sun

On the subject of Sea Pea's, Gulfstream have a really professional looking new website up here. I know i'm slightly biased but i genuinely think they are consistently producing some of the best boards in the country right now and have been for a few years! There are some great little video's of Jools explaining the different shapes on there too. I particularly enjoyed watching the Sea Pea one (somewhat predictably!). I've got a real kick out of introducing jools to the mini simmons idea and seeing how much excitement and enthusiasm its brought him. That comes across really well in the video.

On the same page, i got chatting to someone in the water the other day who was riding a seapea. I played the dumb but interested surfer and didn't declare my interest. It was really cool to hear how much this guy was loving the shape and how much of an eye opener this little oblong from left field had been. In fact he had bought one based on his friends positive experiences.

If you've read this blog regularly you'll know i've been extolling the virtues of the mini simmons platform in UK waters for a few years. People are getting it now!


rob said...

Agree about Jools and the team. He shaped me a little keel fin fish - such an amazing board!

Stoked on how the Sea Pea is coming along - would love to try one soon... My brother shaped a 5' nothing mini-simmons, we got what we could from Richard Kenvin and hydrodynamica and it's a seriously fun board! So quick and dreamy smooth, like a hovercraft. But I'm sure Jools has taken it to a different level...

Glad the Sea Pea is working out!

Anonymous said...

Mini's are fun, end of story. Thats why just about everyone over the grom stage has one in the quiver.
Great site really enjoy seeing your photos. Heres to some warm water around the corner.

CP said...

hey mate, good to hear from you, hope youve had a good winter of waves!

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