Tuesday, 20 August 2013

van life number 1

Completely off topic but i wanted to share this.....

Boom Kitchen is a new little start up enterprise from a couple of locals here. It's basically a simple curry kit to which you just add chicken and a couple of other basic store cupboard type ingredients. What you end up with 20 minutes later is the most delicious curry you will have tasted outside of a curry house. To coin a phrase it's like having a curry house in your kitchen!

I know this probably comes off as hyping a mates thing but i was honestly really blown away by the flavor of the food you make. It's head and shoulders above any of the curry sauce style jars you can buy from super markets.

At the moment they are only available from some of our local stores and by mail order but it's well worth clicking buy now!

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jetd said...

Cheers CP for the write up and off topic endorsement! Very kind of you.

I just wanted to share the outlets Boom Kitchen are currently in with your readers. We're very proud to be in:

Brook Stores, Croyde
Cawthornes, Braunton
Beasleys of Braunton
Devon Made, Braunton
Gratton's Butchers, Barnstaple
John May Butchers, South Molton
Darts Farm, Topsham

If you're local we ask you to support these guys and not to order online!

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