Thursday, 10 May 2012

highs and lows.................

I mentioned before how interesting it was to see our coast through fresh eyes when i posted about my visiting californian friends a few weeks ago. As well as being slightly freaked out by driving in our narrow country lanes, they couldn't believe how big our tides were and were literally gobsmacked to realise that our biggest tides were pretty much ten times the size of theirs!

Most of our surf spots are tide dependent to some degree. Plenty don't even exist at certain tides, others vary in quality as the tide moves over the banks so having a handle on what the tide is doing can make the difference between scoring or not. Most tide clocks or watches are not really that accurate and most people will have one of the classic yellow tide books stuffed in a corner of the bookshelf or glovebox. A timeless classic perhaps but a bit boring which is why my friend Germi created "Highs and Lows" a slightly more surf-centric tide table.

At the moment it's only for the North Devon coast but next year there's going to be a cornish edition too. The tide times are clearly set out as you'd expect but it's bookended with nice pictures of our people, waves and coast. Useful and nice to look at!

So If you want to look like a local when you're checking the surf here, or just support a little homegrown cottage surf industry, keep your eye out for the highs and lows tide book in our local shops or get it online from or


Anonymous said...

£2.95 vs £1.99 or download a free app!

CP said...

anonymous negative comment, nice!

Obviously the information is freely available on websites, by squinting at the moon or feeling it in your bones whatever, that's hardly the point is it?

This is just one of a billion examples in the world where you can spend a tiny amount more to own a nice looking object instead of a generic utilitarian one or bodging the thing together yourself. No one would buy bmw's instead of kia's or levi's instead of primark jeans if this wasn't the case.

In doing so you are also supporting some local surf industry instead of a global mega corp which surely cant be a bad thing can it?

Of course if you really stood by your view it wouldnt have been left anonymously would it? or has the flat spell got you all grumpy?

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