Monday 19 December 2011

soap and chair no.1


Feels a little like groundhog day around here, the pattern of big lows but strong westerley flow has wrecked any plans for surfing my local for the last few weeks and i'm starting to worry i might actually have forgotten how to surf by the time i get in again. The water temp will undoubtedly have dropped by the time the wind eases and the rubber quotient will have risen to the full gimp suit level as a result!

Listening to others plans for imminent departure for sunnier climes is not helping either! At least there's plenty of christmas cheer around in the village to keep our spirits up!


Anonymous said...

Whats the width and thickness on your bar? is it a single concave or the single to double "spiral vee"?
Thanks and hope your surfs picked up, east coast has had some really mild weather with some clean surf of late.

CP said...

hey, merry christmas!

from memory it's 22 x 2.5 when i measured it but theres no dims on it.

belly up front is not severe and it goes to a single fairly early then deep double concave/spiral vee through the fins.

haven't surfed for a month! its been gale force onshores for what seems like ages!

Anonymous said...

Happy Solstice and Merry Christmas to ya'll as well. Sorry to here the weathers gone to poop. Its usually an issue here in early fall the jan and feb. I Just got out of a fun hour quickie session on the 12 footer, waters mid to upper 50's air is 75 F winds lite offshore or calm. Its ridiculous for this time of year and Im trying to take advantage of it. We'll be in your boat soon enough. Thx for dims on bar.

Anonymous said...

oh can I send you an email on the riverside dentistry email acct?

CP said...

Yeah email me there I'll reply with my email address

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