Friday, 23 December 2011

crystal cottages

Taking the title for my girl's favorite californian beach is historic crystal cove, just up the coast from laguna beach and one of the bays that make up a state park. There's a beautiful golden sand beach and tucked into the dunes a collection of wooden cottages in varying states of repair. Back during the depression they were built by a group of locals keen to escape the awfulness of the times and live simply by the sea. They became a favorite area for artists to work before many fell into disrepair. The Californian State Park authority purchased them all a few years ago and is busy restoring them, rebuilding, painting them. It's possible to rent them to stay in now as well although word has it it's difficult to get a reservation.

It's a spot you could easily drive right past on PCH 1 but there's such a cute feel to the place it's worth stopping and taking the time to visit.


jb virata said...

Crystal cove actually reverted back to the state. The folks who lived in the cottages never owned the land, they were just leasing, at very favorable rates. It took a few decades to actually boot them out. My neck of the woods? Hows the surf in Devon? I have a friend who works at the University of Exeter ion Devon I think?

CP said...

Exeter is about an hour away and our main big shopping place!

Surf here can get pretty fun tho often small and mostly beach break. Lots of onshore winds well too. Can be busy as so cal or u can surf alone. Gets east coast cold in the ocean too

Love your part of the world and it's waves

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