Sunday 20 March 2011

the sentinel

What a lovely little run of fun small waves and sunshine we have been treated to! Definately feels like spring is springing! Really fun logging waves without too many crowds (where i was anyway!). Finally starting to shed a small bit of rubber and feel like my logging ability is coming back from the winter doldrums. Big smiles.

I've been wearing the 4/3 nineplus full suit i got a few months ago for the last few surfs and it is really nice. Plenty warm enough and flexible with good quality feeling single lined yamamoto neoprene. No durability issues so far either.

In other news i watched Randall generating more speed than should be possible on a thigh high wave on his own asymetric version of a mini simmons on friday and i also borrowed a friends diplock shaped mini simmons, this one is a beast at 6'4 and has twin keels with a little trailer fin. Very much like john cherry's sim 21 model. Considering how small the waves were it flew but felt quite stiff with the center fin and personally i prefer the twin set up.

1 comment:

HD said...

Just about to go in a minute...have you been in this am ?
ps- thanks for your hull inspiration - I am so in love right now.

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