Sunday 3 October 2010

lost stolen or ripped off?

My friend accidentally left his lovely 5'11 mandala quad fish at the roadside near a semi secret spot south of westward ho on saturday and drove off. It was gone when he returned. Any help recovering it would make him feel a lot happier! It's seafoam green opaque tint, clear fins, white logo, andy davis free sticker on the bottom. There are probably only a handful of these in the country so it should stick out if you see it. Leave a comment if you see it please.


Unknown said...

Gutted, I shall keep my eyes open down this end. all the best Chris.

Anonymous said...

Why do you bother coming over then! With your attitude, I hope who ever picked it up has many hours of fun on it!

Anonymous said...

That board will be really distinctive to anybody who knows about surfboards. It was imported from California (by the guy who lost it) along with a few others that I know were sold on with very little profit so that the stoke could be passed around.

Hopefully the new custodian is just that,..a 'temporary' custodian and whoever they are they have a chance to be super cool and let folks know where it is or even drop it off at local surf shop.

If they want a similar board,..Royal Surfboards is having a special guest by the name of Rich Pavel come to stay. He'll be shaping a few boards so you can get your hands on one by the guy who taught Manuel Caro (Mandala), the shaper of the misplaced board,

To my knowledge there's only a handful of Moonlight Glassed Mandalas in the UK and only two in North Devon. So,'s both distinctive and rare. There's very little chance of it not being recognized at some point.

Keep the stoke. Pass the word and hopefully the board will be returned.

Anonymous said...

that's just fucked up...I hate thieves

I mean, shame on the guy for leaving it behind, and all that, but we're all human with far too many things on our minds these days. So, Shit happens.

With any luck, whoever picked it up should have enough of a conscience to turn it in somewhere.

If I see someone out riding it, I know what I'm going to do to them if they don't give it up...

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