Friday, 6 August 2010

gearing up

Mike gearing up at Baggy Point. Climbing has been a slowly growing obsession over the last year, mostly indoors when it's provided a great workout and stress reliever when the surf is rubbish or the evenings are dark. A couple of weeks ago i lead my first route outside (trad) climbing, on the cliffs at sennen. So different to leading at a climbing wall and a real rush.

My last two surfs were great examples of maximising the fun in sub par conditions. It's suprising how much fun you can have in 1 foot mush on a soft top or a surf mat! I briefly rode the if6was9 board below and was very impressed. It's beautifully finished, feels wide but nicely foiled with nicely pinched rails so not clunky at all. It tip rode well given the crappy conditions and pivoted nicely off the tail. Well impressed!

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