Sunday 15 August 2010


Elliot is one of the few British surfers i would cite as an influence on my own surfing, one of the few i would say that inspired me as i started out on a longboard. Although he's a few years younger than me , he was already one of the best longboarders in the country by the time i met him. He has super competitive skills, you don't win a european championship without them, but he also has a really smooth style with nimble footwork and great noseriding ability. He has the ability to adapt his riding style to whatever board he's surfing, short or long, traditional or progressive and flat out rips on pretty much anything. He's a super nice guy and has a quiver that makes me jealous!

He's still one of my favorite surfers to watch

This diana pic was snapped midway through the day at the hotdoggers stylemasters vintage board comp, which he went on to win.

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