Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Thank you!

So as the year comes to a close, i want to say thanks to a few people.

A massive thanks to my great family for putting up with my various obsessions and the time i devote to them. There's no way to overplay how wonderful, cool and joy bringing you both are.
Thanks to Tim & Jamie for encouraging me to get this going, thanks to Rebecca & Chris & Jack Brull for the Holga help & inspiration, thanks to Angela and Tim at Drift for the opportunity to foist my opinions on a wider audience and thanks to all my friends in the line up who keep me surf stoked even in the depths of winter.

Finally thanks to all of you who check here from time to time, whoever and wherever you are!


Unknown said...

Happy New Year to you Chris, hopefully see you up there soon. All the best

Thos said...

Yeah - Happy New Year. And a big thankyou to you for your warm welcome to the waves and the advice you gave me all those months ago. Here's to plenty of trim next year. Cheers!

glider said...

Chris the shots of your daughter are beautiful- thanks for sharing and the kind word- your works also helps me greatly

Noel Jenkins said...

I've really enjoyed your posts this year Chris - saved me from actually having to go surfing. Been having an urban exploring sabbatical: see
for evidence. Starting to run out of inspiring sites to visit, so may have to man up and get back in the water!

Look forward to catching up in the New Year - won't be the Mill though unfortunately.

All the best


CP said...

Thanks Everyone!

Noel There are some great photos there, what a mad idea, super cool though!

Hopefully the mill is going to return next year though it's far from certain. Maybe i'll have to actually go climbing outside! Would be great to meet up sometime & you can school me on the crag!

Dave said...

Hi Chris. Spotted your blog on one of russ's posts.
Love the MF shots. Will defo be tuning in over 2010.

Happy New year

Rebecca Pepperell said...

Happy (belated) New Year Chris!

Thank you to you too, you've inspired me to get into this whole blogging thing, and to start using my Holga again.

Hopefully see you in the water soon.

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