Thursday, 17 December 2009

point concept

>Introducing my newest cyber friend. Ryan Lovelace is a young californian shaper who is lucky enough to have Rincon as one of his test tracks. Although he produces beautiful boards of all shapes and sizes, it's hulls and their variants that have him most excited at the moment. Check his blog out for pics of some beautifully bladed out hulls, some forward thinking new shapes (check the "gullet") and some great pics and videos of them in action.
It's easy to think that the major developments in the shaping of hulls all happened years ago but people like Ryan are taking Liddle's ideas and pushing them forward, helping to get a new generation of surfers stoked on them.
Long live the joys of forward trim, and believe me, it is a joy!

Top Pic is taken by the highly talented Morgan Maasen,
This one by Ryan:

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