Wednesday 21 May 2014


Call me a grumpy old man (i'm nearly 40 now so i'm entitled to be) but along with a proliferation of semi controlled SUP's at saunton this summer there are an ever icreasing number of surfers with go pro's attached to their boards. I'm all for a bit of self produced surf movie making but you tube is filled with clips of mediocre surfers surfing mediocre waves not very well while gurning at their camera.

I've never been a fan of watching footage with the camera facing back towards the rider, it just ends up being a lot of wobbly horizon without conveying much about the ride, and thats when we are talking about impressive waves and great surfers.

I'm ever so slightly confused about these people, i mean do they watch the endless shots of themselves? It's not even a really great angle for improving your surfing.


THIS is kelly slater

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