Thursday, 19 September 2013

all for one

Ready to log some tip time!

Here's a thing......... When you load your board on your car roof, do you put it fin first or nose first?

In the UK i'd say everyone goes nose first (with the exception of those kooks who stick it up through the sunroof etc!) and there would be some sniggering behind hands in car parks if you did anything else.

Cross the pond though and California is exclusively fin facing forward, at least if you want to swing into the car park looking cool and correct. weird eh?

Thankfully my boards travel inside a van so thats one less detail to agonise over in order to maintain my aura of hipster cool ;-)

Speaking of cool, Gulfstream now have a 5'2 SeaPea mini simmons available to demo, call them on 01271 815490 and get your shred on (brah!)


Anonymous said...

I guess that if you have a noserider your fin should go first since the tail is a bit narrower...

pommie logger said...

fin first down under - at least on my motor. If its a local trip one strap across the front, a longer journey - i strap her down. oooh err.

Anonymous said...

Fin first comes from the old days of Aloha racks, if the straps were old and/or loose the fin would stop the board from sliding backwards all the way off the racks.
Your site is still the coolest around, hope your summer had more surf than ours!

CP said...

Hey jettyholic!

Aaah that makes sense! Great fun summer here, not epic for waves but some fun little nuggets. Plenty of sunshine though

Getting colder and windier now but grounsdswells too!

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