Saturday, 14 April 2012

count trimula..

There's something refreshingly simple about the feeling of pure trim you get from a true displacement hull on a clean wave.

I hadn't ridden my hull for a while but just cruising down the line, connecting sections with that hot knife through butter feel was so much fun on this particular day.

 Nothing else gives you quite the same slingshot feeling out of a deep full rail bottom turn either. Good times!

While i'm talking hulls, this one was shaped by Tim Mason a couple of years ago. Tim's fundraising efforts i posted about a few weeks ago are still going strong and the Timmy Mason Trust now has full charitable status which is excellent news and a real testament to the Tim, Kate and all those in the UK surfing community that have donated time or product.


pommie logger said...

completely with you with the hull - i had a 8ft hull shaped for me about 12 months ago, and when i get her up and trimming there is no feeling like it - with the single greenough the turns are long and drawn out, its a fun ride for sure.

I have just returned from a few days down at croyde, didnt get much surf but was nice to back in the old town, nosing around, sniffing the air.

cp said...

glad you enjoyed your trip back! shame you missed the fun waves of a couple of weeks ago!

it's worth trying a gl flex fin in the hull, even more flex and slingshot effect out of the bottom turn

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