Monday 14 February 2011

the american road.....

 Well just around the corner from it anyway, near a fun but exceedingly fickle spot that i haven't surfed in a few years.

Despite the sunshine, this was a cold morning, so cold that my fingers barely worked to manipulate the camera. The bike, if you missed the previous shots, is my beloved electra deluxe 3i cruiser. Guarunteed to bring a bigger and bigger smile with each revoloution of the pedals.

Whenever i have to endure a long spell without a dip in the local brine, my dvd library gets a fair bit of attention. I'm a great collector of surf films and have spent probably far too much money over the years devouring the latest logging related releases.

Pick of the latest crop, for me anyway, are:

Rip Shred Tear from Mitch Abshere and crew, full on skinny jean, cutting edge logging and really inspirational. It's no frills and the surfing is cut with random excerpts from 50's b-movie horror films. Shot over just a couple of weeks it makes you realise how consistently good the surf is in the OC from a longboarding perspective.

Stoked and Broke from Cyrus Sutton which is just plain fun and reminds me a lot of "bikecar" the travis parker snowboard film from a few years back. It chronicles a no frills trip around the encinitas area by foot. It has it's tongue firmly in it's cheek but there's some good surfing in it. Logs, fishes, guns, handplanes and square styrofoam blocks!

Final choice is 180 degrees south from Chris Malloy which is big budget and not a full on surf film but has some great surfing and climbing footage in it as well as some quality scenic cinematography. The strong enviro message may be a small turn off  and it could be considered a moving patagonia catalogue by some but it's a good film nonetheless. There's a really cool book of photos by Jeff Johnson that goes with it that i would highly reccomend too!


pommie logger said...

hey, love the ride!
in case they have slipped your attention - the following flicks have been given some time on my player, oldish ones, so you may have been there already:
Musica Surfica - Derek Hynd and Richard Tognetti, surf finless in King Island, awesome music as a backdrop to weird newwave surfing
Seaworthy - soulful, ephemeral surf, a variety of craft, beautifully put together by Nathan Oldfield, he of Lines from a Poem fame, another loggin down under flick.
If you can get a copy of it "the Craving" a stunning doco set in Cali about a variety of families addiction to surfing and what it brings to their indivudal lives, the camera work is breahttaking.

CP said...

Good tips!

I've seen seaworthy, great film, not seen the other two.

Picaresque is well worth a look too

Anonymous said...

CP, do you know where I can get a copy of 'Jazzing The Glass' ?

CP said...

Thom sharpe in wooly has a copy if u know him?
Try or one of the us DVD sites. are pretty good.

It's not superb,there's some good surfing but A LOT of the voiced over pirate movie+school boy humor, had me reaching for fast forward by the end

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