Saturday 18 December 2010

so crude

Every time i think i'm getting better at taking photo's i come across another super talented photographer who puts my meagre efforts to shame.

Todays subject of my admiration is Mark Choiniere who has a really rad collection of pictures on his site here, including some great stuff of Mike Vallely. Vallely used to be another of my favorite skaters. Though i know he somewhat divides opinion these days, i must have watched and tried to emulate his part in "public domain" so many times i almost wore the tape out. That and his parts in the speedfreaks video, set to dinosaur jr and his part in the world video, rubbish heap were really influential. Check out youtube if you want to see them. Vallely is still ripping today, (check out and whatever you think of him, it's a dead cert that he cares about skateboarding as much as anyone.

This photo shows Turkey Stopnik and Mitch Abshere on their way to Church with a particularly fine Captain fin company d fin. One of the many photos on Marks site that makes me want to go surfing!


Thos said...

Looks good - anything to look at while we wait for surf's good news anyway! By the way, you need to remove the 'u' in 'behaviour' your link address for it to work directly so get editing!

Right, we're going to go get the sledge a-sliding. What a day to have to go and pick up my mother in law from Tiverton!

Wheardo said...

hehe nearly bought that fin when I was over there, so cool!
But must say I was a little disappointed by the quality of the fins. Since I bought my two apparently they've started having them manufactured in china and rather the design on decal paper under the glass they're now painted on the surface, doesn't look nearly so good.

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