Thursday, 6 May 2010

note to self

I shamelessly stole this from Dane Peterson's blog for three reasons:

Firstly, it made me smile,.

Secondly, Dane has always been one of my favorite surfers, ever since he appeared as a slightly be-quiffed teenager in The Seedling, I've loved his super smooth, effortless style and his impressive noseriding. In the last few years, he's also become one of my favorite photographers, with an eye for capturing the little moments that make surfing such a special thing to be involved in. A friend recently asked me what i love in surfing and i pretty much directed them to Dane's site and told them " it's what you see here!"

Finally, Dane just sent me a batch of photos for a feature we're working on for Drift. Unsuprisingly, they're really good and i woke up feeling inspired in a journalistic kind of way & excited about how things are coming together(stay tuned for details :-)

I know those of you in Kernow are cursing the Northerly wind of the last few days but up here where there's a little shelter i've had some fun micropeelers and hopefully the forecast will continue to stay as it is into next week. I still don't fully understand why some people don't own a longboard for these sort of occasions!


Wheardo said...

Glad you've been getting some little ripples. I screwed up, boardless on Saturday I watched a beautiful clean 2ft roll in, by sun it had died off to nout.
Hey ho, good things come to those who wait.
Looking forward to the article, I love his work, got a great one he shot of Kassia Meador as my background at work...inspiration...!

Unknown said...

Ahh don't be fooled Mr preston, down here in Kernow we have our sources for waves in the dreaded northerly, takes a little hiking and some illegal parking but ooooooh the results are fine!! See you soon, will be up at Saunton for the BLU this month.

CP said...

Glad to hear it Russ!

Looks flat up here today :-(

when is the blu?

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