Friday 30 April 2010

twinkling toes

I tell myself my hooked toes are an evolutionary advantage to aid my control while hanging five or ten but really i'm just deformed!

With the forecast looking promising, hopefully today's wind allows just a temporary rest between the fun waves of the last week and what lies in store for next.

I've had plenty of hull related stoke recently, culminating in probably my best session on the slippery wee thing on Tuesday. I know i've said before but the feeling of smooth drivey projection off the bottom and the knife through butter high line trim are just awesome. It's also kind of fun lending it to friends who are good surfers and watching it confuse them. Trying to surf hulls off the back foot just doesn't work (eh Ben?)

There's a Isaac organised surf jumble in St Merryn tomorrow, in the village hall i think. He'd love it if lots of you stopped by. I wish I could!


Anonymous said...

Chris, just how much fun are the hulls compared to say, a twin fish or log ? Also, how long did you wait for delivery of your hull ?

CP said...


Honestly can't remember how long my order took, think it was just an average length of time. Tim and Spence and I spent a fair amount of time hashing out what shape to go for before Tim picked up a planer. Tim was great to deal with, so no hassles there.

I would say that i've had a hell of a lot of fun on my hull but i wouldn't have one instead of a log or a fish, i have equal amounts of fun on my logs & fish and it just depends what mood i'm in or where i'm surfing or what the waves are like. The hull is not as versatile as a fish. They are a little "quirky" to ride and harder than a fish to surf on your backhand. It definately takes a little bit of effort and understanding what lines they draw to get to grips with them. They aren't as easy to cut back on as a fish either. They really need a little bit of shape to the wave, not perfectly clean but a lined up swell with a wall to chase along, they don't suit a pockety real a frame wave as the lateral drive is such that you outrun the pocket easily and as i said cutting back is "quirky" so you aren't going to be whipping the board around like you could a sub 6 foot fish.

Like i said, they aren't for everyone and if you are a backfooted surfer or very into riding a longboard in a progressive fashion then there will be a real learning curve. That said, they suit my lateral surfing and the feel you get is so different and fun compared to anything else. I love mine!

You're welcome to try mine if you see me in the water sometime!

Have a look around the 2.20 minute mark here for some class liddle hull action, piloted by Jimmy Gamboa

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those comforting words Chris. I ordered my hull a couple of months ago and your post had driven me over the edge, into a frothing frenzy of anticipation. I know I should be more patient but I'm actually worse than my kids. Now you've got me questioning my 6'4" Fish ! Cheers, Tom.

CP said...

What did you order?

what do you mean questioning the fish?

I was going to add if i had to cut my (extensive):-) quiver to two i'd go for a 9'6 noserider and either a 5'8 keel fish or double wing quad (the quad is probably a better all rounder) but the hull is just so different and so fun to pull out of the van every so often

Anonymous said...

After a shed load of banter with Tim, we decided on a 7'6" with high tide Saunton in mind. I was after a mid length and it was either this or an Empire #9.

What I meant by the fish comment was a reference to the "Is there any point in having a fish over 6'" debate.

Excuse me while I get my anorak....

CP said...

bet it will be great fun.

If you are goofy there's a couple of left hand point style waves begging for it to be tried on i can think of!

I guess the fish thing depends on your paddle fitness & general shorter board ability and how big you are.

Fish are def better the shorter you go, my 5'8 could & prob should have been a 5'6 but it's a magic board anyway.(i' am a skinny 5'6 myself so i don't really need much foam)

Anonymous said...

Are you talking Hi tide corner left & WesHo! Shitpipe ? Give it up !

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