Wednesday, 8 July 2009

fifty words

This week should see the relaunch of Drift magazineAfter a, sadly shortlived, foray into print they are going back to their roots as a rapidly updated online portal for surf editorial with a focus on real surfing, not just the antics of the top 44. As far as i am concerned this is a great thing, not least because i have been asked to be part of their global blogging team ( which also includes such luminaries as Tom Wegener ) but also because i believe they have something interesting and relevant to say that is an alternative to the sometimes blinkered view of the more established surf press. Please support them!
I've had to come up with a 50 word "mission statement" to sum up where i'm coming from for their contributors page, hopefully this covers it:

North Devon, Logs, Fish, Vans, Brian Setzer, Gamboa, Red Sox, A Quiver Approach, Tudor, Gretsch, Knost, Tens, Jamie Lynn, Adventures in Trim, Stills, Heels, J Mascis, Heavy Boards, Fender, T. Moe, Surfers Journal, Final Cut, Powder Turns, Sprout, Andy Davis, Mac, Right Hand Points, Black Van, Seedling, Film, STYLE IS EVERYTHING!

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